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Virtual ALTI-EXPO 2020 Part 2

KLIPPEL at the Virtual ALTI-EXPO Part 2

ALTI is pleased to offer a one day, online virtual event on July 15th, 2020. 
This event is FREE to attend and all presentations will be recorded and will be available after Virtual ALTI-EXPO.
General Information 

Dates: July 15th 2020
The on demand resources are available! 

Please see more information about the program for this virtual event here!
Our SeminarLinking Cost, Performance, End-User Satisfaction by Physical and Perceptual Assessment 
by Wolfgang KLIPPEL on Wednesday, 15th July at 6:00 pm 7:30 pm (EDT)

This tutorial addresses the value of loudspeakers and headphones as seen by the end-user and investigates the relationship between performance (maximum SPL, audio quality, power consumption, reliability), size, weight, cost and other non-technical aspects of the product. The discussion starts with the definition of the target performance in the final environment (e.g. car) at the beginning of the product development based on a metric of perceptual and physical characteristics. Standard measurements play an important role for selecting optimal hardware components and designing optimal transducers and complete systems by using modern numerical simulation tools (e.g. BEA, FEA). The tutorial also shows simple ways of best practice for quality assurance in transducer and system manufacturing. The organization of end-of-line test and especially the setting of meaningful PASS/FAIL decides about the quality of the product shipped to the customer. The cost generated by failed units and form the field rejects complained by the customer can be reduced by searching for the root cause of the defect and fixing the problem by tuning the production process. Finally, the tutorial discusses new opportunities provided by digital signal processing and electrical control for in-situ monitoring and improving the performance, endurance and reliability of the product in the final application.

Please note: This is a prerecorded seminar presented first during the AES Virtual Vienna Convention on June 5th 2020. Furthermore it is an extended version of the 30 minute session presented at Virtual ALTI-EXPO in June.


Wednesday, 2020-07-15 16:01 Age: 1 Years