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Low Frequency Drive Units

  • Low Frequency Drive Unit
  • Examples: Woofer, Subwoofer

Balanced Armature Transducer

  • Low Frequency Drive Unit
  • Examples: Woofer, Subwoofer

Mechanical Actuators

  • Mechanical Actuator
  • Examples: Shaker, Exciter

Micro-speakers and Headphones

  • Micro-speakers and Headphones
  • Examples: Micro-speaker, Transducers for headphone, Analogue and digital telephones Handsets and headsets

High-frequency Drive Units

  • High-frequency Drive Units
  • Examples: Tweeter, Horn compression driver

Wide-band Drive Unit

  • Wide-Band Drive Units
  • Examples: Loudspeaker with high-frequency cone, Flat panel and distributed Mode loudspeaker with exciter (shaker), Balanced Mode Radiator

Passive Loudspeaker Systems

  • Passive loudspeaker System
  • Examples: Drive units with crossover in enclosure in home, automotive, multimedia and professional application.

Active Loudspeaker Systems

  • Active Loudspeaker System
  • Examples: Systems in home, automotive, multimedia, professional, telecommunication application.

Radiators and Sound Transmission Parts

  • Radiators and Enclosures
  • Examples: Cones, Diaphragms, Membranes, Panels, Enclosures, Horns

Suspension Parts

  • Suspension Parts
  • Examples: Spider, Surround


  • Microphones
  • Examples: Transducer:
  • dynamic (moving-coil), condenser, capacitor or electrostatic, carbon, piezoelectric, fiber optic, laser liquid, MEMS technology